A newly discovered work – “Landscape with two figures.”

Someone kindly emailed to say they had a painting possibly by “Annie Swynnerton” (her name being written on the back of the frame) and asked for an opinion on the attribution. With a bit of study, it seemed to resemble one of the obscurer images in one of the 1923 exhibition photographs, specifically painting ‘N’ (the one just partly visible at the bottom right of the photo), and with a bit of computer trickery imposing the one image on the other, the match became more convincing.

1 exhibition

2 painting at bottom right of photo

The white blob at the bottom left in the photo is a blemish on the film, not part of the painting. Note that the frame in the 1923 photo appears similar to the one in the modern image.


Snape3 GIF


I had initially though the image un-Annie like, particularly the lack of detail in the two figures. However, the general quality, attention to fine detail in the land cover, and something about the style of the flowers (roses?) at the bottom right won me over a bit, which led me to review the 1923 images and saw the possible match.

The painting is unnamed, so I have christened it “Landscape with two figures”. Because the 1923 image is so poor, one has to say the attribute is not absolutely certain, but the fact that (1) it does match well, (2) has “Annie Swynnerton” written on the back – not Annie’s hand, I think, but a later addition perhaps by an auction house – and (3) the possibly original frame, I think makes the case reasonable.

In due course I’ll update the main website and give the image it’s own page.

Jonathan Russell … with sincere thanks to the person who sent the email.


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