Etching of S. Isabel Dacre, by Francis Dodd, for sale.

No works by Annie have appeared for sale recently, but a portrait of Annie’s close friend, Isabel, by Francis Dodd has appeared at the Galerie Bassenge, Berlin. Dated 1909 and signed by Dodd in pencil, it is a drypoint (hand-engraved) etching.

2019-05-19 2105 Bassange

The work is already known, a copy being held at the National Gallery of Victoria, Australia. Another work by Dodd held there, ‘Lady Seated,’ is also of Isabel.

2019-05-19 2123 NGV

Although the sitter is not named, she is recognisable as Isabel by the general anatomy of her face from other portraits by Dodd. The same gallery also holds Annie’s completed version of New-risen Hope.

Jonathan Russell

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