THOUGHTS (image identification uncertain).

In the exhibition catalogue of the posthumous exhibition of works collected by George McCulloch (1848-1907) and his wife Mary Agnes Mayger (1857-1945), a work by Annie is listed:

THOUGHTS … Half figure of an old woman, seated facing the spectator, leaning on a balustrade. Signed and dated, “Annie. L. Swynnerton, Roma, 1900.” Canvas, 28 by 22½ in.

The bulk of the collection was sold by auction in 1913, including this work, the dimensions being given as 22½ X 27½ inches in the auction catalogue.

In a photograph of Mary McCulloch at home, a painting of the correct proportions and possible composition can be seen in the background. However, the McCulloch’s had a very large collection, so the identification is very uncertain.



2 thoughts on “THOUGHTS (image identification uncertain).

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