Almost forgot … some final notes.

  • Came across an image of CHERUBS ABOVE THE SEA in place in St. Thomas Church, Ardwick Green, Manchester, before their removal.
  • Hoping to visit MATER TRIUMPHALIS in the Musée d’Orsay, Paris, in a couple of weeks – I will update the page pictures if I can get some good photos. [Update, Mar 2022: the trip never took place.]
  • A work I had entitled ‘A Bacchante,’ is indeed called THE DREAM OF ITALY as stated in the Manchester exhibition – located newspaper cuttings from the time Which confirm this.
  • Found a photo of THE VAGRANT which shows what she is holding in her hand – a ring. I wasn’t sure if it was a ring or a coin.
  • UNWINDING THE SKEIN, formerly listed as for sale, was sold earlier this year.

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