Almost forgot … some final notes.

  • Came across an image of CHERUBS ABOVE THE SEA in place in St. Thomas Church, Ardwick Green, Manchester, before their removal.
  • Hoping to visit MATER TRIUMPHALIS in the Musée d’Orsay, Paris, in a couple of weeks – I will update the page pictures if I can get some good photos. [Update, Mar 2022: the trip never took place.]
  • A work I had entitled ‘A Bacchante,’ is indeed called THE DREAM OF ITALY as stated in the Manchester exhibition – located newspaper cuttings from the time Which confirm this.
  • Had come across mentions of a work or works of Annie’s in South Africa. Have determined this to have been the portrait of Violet Edith Fenwick, ON THE TERRACE, which was donated to Johannesburg Public Gallery in 1910. The painting is now in a private collection in the UK.
  • Found a photo of THE VAGRANT which shows what she is holding in her hand – a ring. I wasn’t sure if it was a ring or a coin.
  • One last ‘attributed’ finding, THOUGHTS, although it is a very tenuous identification.
  • UNWINDING THE SKEIN, formerly listed as for sale, was sold earlier this year.

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