More biographical snippets. ‘The Lady in White’ sells for £12,500.


  1. A mention of three painting sold by Annie in 1882 for the remarkable sum of £105 (£12000 in today’s money).
  2. A notice in a suffrage journal of 1891 about the purchase of the portrait of Lydia Becker by Annie’s friend, Susan Dacre, and plans for a memorial sculpture to be created by Annie’s husband, Joseph. Lydia Becker was a key women’s suffrage campaigner who had died the year before.
  3. A notice from the same journal for 1893 about three murals by Annie for the World’s Columbian Exposition (a fair held in Chicago in that year to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbas’s arrival).

The Lady in WhiteTHE LADY IN WHITE, Annie’s early portrait of an unidentified lady in a voluminous white dress and holding a bouquet of flowers, sold today at Christie’s (11 December 2018) for £12,500, not including fees.

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