‘A winged soldier’ and ‘A Study of Hands.’

AN INDEPENDENT ARTICLE from 1999 mentions that the author Anissa Helou once owned two Annie Swynnerton works, ‘a winged soldier‘ and ‘A Study of Hands.’

The guest bedroom on the first landing is dominated by an Annie Louisa Swynnerton painting of a winged soldier (in the workroom upstairs is the more evocative Study of Hands by the same artist). The Independent, 16 May 1999.

Anissa sold her entire collection at Christie’s in 1999 in a radical move to downsize and concentrate on her culinary writing. She has kindly replied to an email, saying that she has no visual record of either work, but describes the winged soldier as ‘a beautiful large painting of an angel looking over a recling figure.’

In Annie’s posthumous studio sale catalogue of 1934, two works are listed which may refer to these – ‘Lot 89. An Angel of Mercy. Arched top. 155 x 107 inches (393.7 x 271.8 cm).‘ and ‘Lot 145. … A study of hands,‘ as well as ‘Lot 136. … A study for “The Angel of Mercy,”‘.

I am attempting to acquire a copy of the 1999 auction catalogue, which hopefully will be illustrated or at least have further details of the two works.

As an occasional food blogger myself, I recommend Anissa’s culinary blog and books, and am looking forward to trying some of her recipes. My efforts can be seen here.

Jonathan Russell


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