Little Visitors remains ‘attributed.’

In the 1883 Christmas edition of The Graphic, a popular weekly journal of the late Victorian period, there is an image of a painting stated to be by Annie.

Having examined the print, unfortunately there is no signature or monogram reproduced in the image, and with no other evidence, it has to be an ‘attributed’ work. (Newspapers did occasionally make errors in their attributions, which although a rare occurrence, has to be considered.)

Little Visitors

The print is a very fine quality piece in itself and a real tribute to some unnamed artist who finely copied an original painting, the fine lines of the drawing being done onto a plate and the surrounding areas etched away by acid. At least four plates would have been created, one for the black ink and others for the coloured areas. The skill and labour involved is quite remarkable, especially considering this journal had a circulation of tens-of-thousands, and at its height well over 100,000 copies a week, so whoever did this work had to be able to do so at quite a pace because of the rapid turnover.

Little Visitors - brown-eyed girl

The image now has a dedicated page on this site, where I give my reasons for thinking that the original painting was by Annie.

Jonathan Russell


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