St. Martin’s Summer and The Unrelenting Past (National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa).

Had a very pleasant phone conversation with a curator at The National Gallery of Canada, inquiring whether I could see the two Annie Swynnerton paintings they have there. The answer was yes, but not immediately. Currently everything in storage is inaccessible because of work being done in the cellers – I presume this means everything is packed away to protect it from dust and damage from building work – but will be accessible again from mid-September 2019.

The curator noted that there are no images on the website, saying that there was a continuing program to get everything they held online, but this might be a long time as there are thousands of objects.

September 2019! At least gives me time to save my pennies and, all being well, pop over in a year’s time and visit the gallery. Until then, the best hope for finding images for St. Martin’s Summer (before 1904) and The Unrelenting Past (1900) might be ancient exhibition catalogues, although I’ve search everywhere I can think of online and no luck so far.

Jonathan Russell


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