Improved image for ‘Study of a young girl,’ and a date.

I don’t known how I managed to miss this before … the images for ‘Study of a young girl‘ are much better than the one I had been using, and show better detail of the brushwork and colouring.

Study of a Young Girl

The Invaluable site also notes that the picture has Annie’s signature on the back and is dated 1930, making it one of her latest dated works on record, painted at a time where Annie’s eyesight is said to have been deteriorating.

Study of a Young Girl - signiture 1930

The work has her usual rainbow pallet of colours – brick reds, browns and oranges, yellows, greens, blues, pinks and violets, with the modelling done primarily with colouring rather than contrast. It also shows her characteristic habit of concentrating on the upper body, while the extremities of the canvas are an almost abstract mess of brushstrokes and working.

With an auction house estimate of £200-£300 (November 2015), the painting sold for £30!

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