Pages updated with HQ images. The Glow Worm. Another non-Swynnerton poster. 85 images.

THE FOLLOWING PAGES have been updated with higher-quality images.

The Glow Worm.jpgTHE GLOW WORM is attributed to Annie on various commercial and personal web sites (including mine up to now), but I can find no evidence that it is really by her, or even that it is housed in the claimed location (Galleria Palatina, Italy).

It is unlike Annie’s style in general, as well as being unlike her other works painted around the claimed date of 1900,  a time when she was developing her own symbolist language (Sense of Sight, Illusions), as well as continuing formal portraits (Colwyn Philipps, Lilie McGrath). Unless other information comes forward, I’m withdrawing it from my lists of Annie’s works, not even as an ‘attributed,’ as I suspect the identification originated with a mis-ascribed commercial product.

ShepherdsANOTHER POSTER HAS APPEARED which is ascribed to Annie and so has started appearing in search engine results, but which is not by her.

It is a picture called “The Adoration of the Shepherds” ( I’ve tried to identify the correct artist, but without success.

WITH RECENT CHANGES, the total number of Annie Louisa Swynnerton paintings for which images exist is eighty-five. Fifty-one paintings are in public or accessible private collections, and thirty-four others are known only from images in auction catalogues or other old publications, with the subsequent locations of the works unknown.

Jonathan Russell, 1 July 2018.

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