New biographical page created. “Blue Angel” no longer being traded as by Annie.

THERE IS A NEW PAGE on this website – ‘Biographical snippets‘ – links are on the home page. I do not intend this to be a formal biography, but reproductions of first hand information – quotes from contemporaneous accounts, newspaper cuttings, letters, other people’s memoirs, etc.

For formal biographies, I recommend:

  • Katie J. T. Herrington & Rebecca Milner (2018) Annie Swynnerton: Painting Light and Hope. Manchester City Art Galleries.
  • Susan Thomson (2018) The Life and Works of Annie Louisa Swynnerton. Manchester Art Press Limited.

Breeze (small)A GOOGLE SEARCH for Annie Swynnerton paintings formerly turned up an image called ‘Blue Angel,’ supposedly by Annie, being sold as a poster by commercial websites. This was, in fact, a painting called ‘The Breeze’ by American artist Mary Fairchild MacMonies (1858-1946).

Last week I emailed the company informing them of the error and the product had been removed. Links redirect to either a blank page or a poster of ‘The Sense of Sight,’ although the latter has been misnamed in places as ‘The Gift of Sight,’ but is, at least, correctly attributed to Annie.


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