Image composited from several partial images on retailer web site.




The birth year is incorrect. It should read 1844.

Images: adapted from images at bernardisantiques.com and photos supplied by current owner (reproduced with permission).

On the right of the painting, two-fifths of the way up, there appears to be the edge of another dress, also red, of a third figure, the canvas having been cut down. It may be that this work was an experimental sketch. Other examples of Annie doing very thorough preparatory sketches are known.

Canvas has been applied to the back of the board, apparently in preparation for another painting.

The hair on the right-hand figure appears to be heavily over-painted and she may originally have been wearing a hat.

  • Media: ‘painted on a thick wood board’ (from description on retailer web site).
  • Dimensions: 380 x 330 mm (0.13 m²) unframed, 510 x 460 mm framed.
  • History: signed bottom right ‘ALS’; sold (provenance not stated) Bernardi’s Antiques, Toronto, 2018.
  • Location: private collection.

Special thanks to the owner of the picture for providing images and observations on the possible third figure and hat.

3 thoughts on “UNWINDING THE SKEIN.

  1. R. W.

    Nice article! I am the new owner of this piece, purchased through Bernardi’s Antiques.

    The owner also wrote: “[on] the right side of the painting … it appears to show a portion of another woman’s dress, so I suspect the painting was cut down after,” and, “It looks like the Annie painted over what may have been a hat on [the right figure’s] head. I’m not sure but the paint strokes show the outline of a hat.”


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