New Risen Hope (Tate, 1904) and New Risen Hope (National Gallery of Victoria, 1906).

New-risen Hope - Tate & Melbourne

Photo/image: Jonathan Russell/

There are two versions of this image. One (left) in the Tate, dated to 1904, which is a study for one (right) in the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia, which is dated to 1906. (Information from notice in Manchester Art Gallery which had the Tate version on loan for the 2018-2019 ‘Painting Light and Hope‘ exhibition of Annie’s works.) Publications dating to the period in which the painting was first exhibited, refer to it as ‘Risen Hope’ or just ‘Hope.’

New Risen Hope (Tate).

New Risen Hope (Tate) - unadjusted

Quite severely dulled through age. The images below are computer enhanced to bring out the colours and details.

New Risen Hope (Tate) - adjusted

New Risen Hope (Tate) - face

New Risen Hope (Tate) - bottom-left

New Risen Hope (Tate) - signature

Photos: Jonathan Russell.


New-Risen Hope (Melbourne)

New-risen Hope



The New-risen Hope and Nude in Landscape butterflies.

The Australian version has a butterfly settled on the child’s chest, a motif also present as a pair of butterflies in the Nude in landscape‘ oil sketch. The latter painting is only ‘attributed’ to Annie, as it only has word-of-mouth provenance, but the presence of this motif strengthens the case for it being by her.


New-risen Hope (Melbourne) – Nude in Landscape (private collection).


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