Portrait of a Young Girl with Curly Hair - detail

Images: www.bonhams.com.

  • Media: oil on canvas.
  • Dimensions: 395 x 495 mm (0.20 m², Bonham’s); 400 x 510 mm (0.20 m², Lacy Scott & Knight); average of sizes is 398 x 503 mm (0.20 m²).
  • History: “Signed “Annie S” lower right (Lacy Scott and Knight); auctioned Bonham’s, Chester, 23 Aug 2011, “Portrait of a young girl with curly hair, bust length / signed,” sold; auctioned Lacy Scott and Knight, Bury Saint Edmunds, 11 Sep 2015, “Bust profile portrait of a young girl,” sold.
  • Location: unknown.

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