Images: www.davidduggleby.com.

  • Media: oil on canvas laid on board.
  • Dimensions: 330 x 405 mm (0.13 m²), Sotheby’s; 330 x 400 mm (0.13 m²), Duggalby; average 330 x 403 mm (0.13 m²).
  • History: auctioned Sotherby’s, London, 28 Sep 1994, “Un Putto / Oil / canvas / board,” unsold; auctioned David Duggalby, 14 Sep 2018, “Annie Louisa Robinson Swynnerton NEAC (British 1844-1933): Half length Portrait of a Child with Red Hair, oil on canvas laid on board unsigned 40cm x 33cm (unframed) Provenance: by family decent from the collection of Francis Bate (1853-1950) a founder member treasurer and secretary of the New English Art Club ,” sold.
  • Location: unknown.

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