NUDE IN LANDSCAPE (attributed)





  • Medium: oil on canvas.
  • Dimensions: 615 x 225 mm (0.14 m²), unframed.
  • History: the painted canvas has been cut from a larger piece and glued to a second canvas, with thin ruled line visible along the edge in places (a characteristic also noted in New-risen Hope (Tate)); [auctioned Christie’s, early 1980s, property of a descendant of Annie’s extended family, by playright and art dealer George Hulme]; purchased [1990s] from the estate of Mr. Hulme by an acquaintance of his, a London antiques dealer; sold by auction 24 Apr 2018; the title, ‘Nude in landscape,’ is written in modern marker pen on the back of frame and the canvas has been relined.
  • Location: private collection.

* The information in square brackets is from the memory of the London dealer so may not be accurate (personal communication, Apr 2018). As ‘word of mouth’ provenance only, has to be considered ‘attributed,’ but evidence is strong.


The Melbourne New-risen Hope has a butterfly on the child’s chest, a motif also present in the Nude in landscape sketch. The latter painting is an ‘attributed’ work because it has only word-of-mouth provenance, but the presence of this motif – as well as general style, subject matter and impasto technique – strengthens the case for it being by Annie.



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