NUDE IN LANDSCAPE (attributed).





  • Medium: oil on canvas.
  • Dimensions: 615 x 225 mm (0.14 m²).
  • History: the painted canvas has been cut from a larger piece and glued to a second canvas, with thin pale blue ruled live visible along the edge in places to guide the cutting, characteristics noted in the New-risen Hope (Tate); believed to have been bought at a Christie’s auction, possibly early 1980s, the lot having been placed by a descendant of Annie’s extended family, by George Hulme, playright, art collector and dealer, 9 Ormondgate, London SW3; on Mr. Hulme’s death (1990s?), purchased by a friend of his, a London antiques dealer, who sold it by auction in 2018 for £438 (including fees); the title, ‘Nude in landscape,’ is written in modern marker pen on the back of frame, and the canvas has been relined; as ‘word of mouth’ provenance only, has to be ‘attributed,’ but case strong. (Pre-2018 auction information from personal communications with acquaintances of Mr Hulme.)
  • Location: private collection.


The Melbourne New-risen Hope has a butterfly on the child’s chest, a motif also present in the Nude in landscape sketch. The latter painting is an ‘attributed’ work because it has only word-of-mouth provenance, but the presence of this motif – as well as general style, subject matter and impasto technique – strengthens the case for it being by Annie.



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