The scene is the Marina Grande, on the northern side of the Italian island of Capri.

Annie Swynnerton: “Once, at Capri, sat on a rock in mid-stream every day for three weeks to get the motion of water in sunlight.” (Notice by picture while on display at Manchester Art Gallery, 2018-9.)

  • Media: oil on canvas.
  • Dimensions: 285 x 600 mm (0.17 m²).
  • History: painted c. 1900-1910 (according to notice by painting when on display in Manchester Art Gallery, 2018-9); exhibited Manchester Art Gallery 1923 (visible in exhibition photos); auctioned, Cheffin’s, Cambridge, 25 Mar 2010, sold; exhibited Manchester Art Gallery, 23 Feb 2018 to 6 Jan 2019.
  • Location: private collection.

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