1923 photographs

Photographs from the 1923 exhibition show fourteen otherwise unknown paintings. The images – here enlarged from prints on display in Manchester Museum ‘Painting Light and Hope’ exhibition, 2018-2019 – are of poor quality, but should the works ever reappear at auction or elsewhere they should be identifiable.

A – landscape, B – landscape?, C – upper part of a figure.

1923-a 1923-b 1923-c

D – seated woman, E – standing figure, F – landscape?

1923-d 1923-e 1923-f

‘E’ is possibly be Staring Out To Sea, Bay of Naples (c. 1883), sold at Sotheby’s in 1996.

G – landscape?, H – unclear, I – unclear.

1923-g 1923-h 1923-i

J – upper part of a figure, K – child in a frock, L – scene with arched top.

1923-j 1923-k 1923-l

M – scene, N – landscape?

1923-m 1923-n